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Greenfield or Brownfield Hospital/Nursing Home Development Projects


At Averox Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we specialize in providing comprehensive consultation services for both greenfield and brownfield hospital and nursing home development projects. Whether you're envisioning a small 55-bed hospital or a sprawling multispecialty healthcare facility, our firm is dedicated to providing tailored guidance to bring your project to fruition.

Hospital Development Projects

Transforming aspirations into realities, our consultancy team offers more than just guidance—we offer a strategic partnership dedicated to realizing your vision. From the meticulous planning required for a compact 55-bed hospital to the complexities inherent in a multispecialty institution, our insights into industry trends, patient demographics, and operational efficiency ensure that your facility stands as a beacon of healthcare excellence.

Nursing Home Development Projects

In the realm of nursing home development, we recognize the profound impact of creating environments that prioritize comfort, care, and dignity. Our consultancy services extend beyond logistical considerations to encompass the holistic needs of residents and their families. By integrating principles of patient-centered care, accessibility, and community engagement, we assist you in crafting nursing homes that are not merely buildings, but vibrant hubs of compassionate support and wellbeing.

Elevating Your Project with Averox Global Solutions

Strategic Vision: Beyond providing technical expertise, we empower you with strategic foresight, helping you anticipate challenges and opportunities to maximize the long-term success of your project.


Quality Assurance: With a steadfast commitment to excellence, we ensure that every aspect of your development project adheres to rigorous quality standards, fostering trust and confidence among stakeholders and the community.


Sustainability and Innovation: Embracing the imperatives of sustainability and innovation, we integrate cutting-edge technologies and environmentally conscious design principles into your project, future-proofing your investment and minimizing ecological impact.


Community-Centric Approach: Recognizing the integral role of healthcare facilities within their communities, we foster collaboration and stakeholder engagement, ensuring that your project not only meets regulatory requirements but also reflects the unique needs and values of its surrounding environment.


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